Some of the « 99 Women » introduced themselves at the LadyFest!
Celebrating the « International Women’s Day », the LadyFest*, a music and arts festival, presented its 2nd edition in Shanghai on Saturday March 7th at Uptown Records. Dealing with vinyl from all kind this underground records store has created a space for independent music and art events.

A golden opportunity to reveal some of 99 women of the play!
An impressive amount of international females artists were invited to show their works. Among a various program – exhibitions, workshops, bands and DJ,…- were performances of writers giving lecture of their texts whether it was prose, poetry, play.

Geneviève Flaven, author and director of 99 Women presented a 15 minutes choice of the play.
In her black dress, a little anxious to play the English version, she was blaming herself for her choice of words such as « arthritis » so difficult to pronounce for a “Frenchie”!
But she shouldn’t have worried because she really did it well. You could see those women appearing through her, one highlighting the other and, as she said afterwards, the public reactions followed her expectations…

Imagine it with 99 actresses, choreography, music, lights,… Looking forward next October to make this happen!

Florence Faucheur,
Spectator at the ladyfest and contributor to 99 Women as one of the actresses’ coordinators.

Photos by Liz Hingley.

* Created in 2000 in the US, the LadyFest spread through over hundreds cities worldwide.


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