Tall and blond, Laetitia CAPPOEN was born in Belgium in 1983. She studied theater in Paris and New York and worked in different films and plays as actress or director before she landed in Shanghai. She is the mother of an adorable baby girl.

Laetitia will work in close collaboration with Genevieve in the incredible yet exciting challenge to stage 99 women! She will be present at every official rehearsal to support the actresses’ coordinators and enable the global picture of the play.

Laetitia, how did you hear about this project?

Through my friend Audrey Large, who told me I had to go meet Genevieve at La ruche Project 99’s meeting. She was so right!

What convinced you to participate?
Genevieve! Her energy and enthusiasm for the project was contagious! When she asked me to co-direct with her I just couldn’t say no!

How do you see the women in Shanghai?
When  you live in Shanghai you get to meet a lot of people and this past 3 years, I had the chance to get to know a lot of amazing women, some were my university teachers, some fellow students, some are now my friends, I love to learn about other women’s life, choices, and culture! I can’t wait to meet all of the 99 women of the project to find out what their stories are!

What kind of woman are you?
Difficult question, so I asked my friends! They said: friendly, enthusiastic, smiles a lot, determined, confident and generous. I would add a little bit of a control freak and I’m always right, even if I’m wrong!

Past Works:
A little bit of acting in short films and appearances on screen and TV, but my real love is for theater. I founded my own theater company in Paris with 2 friends from “Les cours Florent”, and got to direct, produce or act in some amazing plays:

– Jalousie en 3 fax.
– Pierre de gue.
– Interim pour une vie.
– Le songe.
– Les miserables.
– Cabaret.

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