Solid as a rock, Mindy RUSKOVICH is trombonist, music educator and director. She began her musical journey in Idaho, moved to Hawaii to complete her music education and continued her career as a music teacher in Shanghai. In addition to her teaching endeavors, Mindy is a member of JZ All-Star Big Band. She also founded the Shanghai Community Band and the Shanghai Community Jazz Band, featuring a full big band with singers. The band regularly performs at the Pearl Theatre and numerous events in Shanghai

Mindy is number 50 in the play, a mysterious woman who will express herself through the music, performing a trombone solo right in the middle of the show.

Mindy, how did you hear about this project?
I met Genevieve about one year ago, as she joined the community band. Since then, we have done a few nice music projects together. She asked me to take part as a trombonist, which is a little different role than the others.

What convinced you to participate?
It didn’t take much convincing! I really liked her concept for the show, and I know what it’s like to try and organize a huge group of people. She has approached it very professionally, with a great vision and wonderful organization.

How do you see the women in Shanghai?
There’s a huge variety of women in Shanghai. I’ve been here for 7 years now, and I’ve met some very intense and hard-working women. People who are here working seem to really be on their game and have a certain intensity that I haven’t seen before. Women who are here for other reasons, such as their husband is working, also add something interesting to the community. I’ve seen these ladies create amazing projects, become involved with school and community events, and sometimes even reinvent themselves.

What kind of woman are you?
As for myself, I work here as a musician, and try my best to keep a high level of quality for the projects that I start. There are so many opportunities in this city, that I find myself constantly involved with new projects. I am optimistic, which has served me well. I try to keep a good network of friends and musicians around me, and love the social life in Shanghai.

Past Works / Actuality:
Performance in several musical productions in Hawaii, including the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, pit orchestra musicals, and the Royal Hawaiian Band.

Carnival Cruise Ship: Showband Trombonist

Shanghai: JZ All-Star Big Band, and several musical projects.

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