Photos by Liz Hingley

“It’s an exciting moment: today my project turn into actual collective work!” and on those words, Genevieve launched the first coordinators meeting! They are 9 women to coordinate 7 groups of 14 actresses: organize and lead the rehearsal, participate to the staging. Around them Genevieve Flaven and Laetitia Cappoen, will directed the show and enable the global picture.

They are all doing it for a reason, whether they have been playing theater for years, have a past as a dancer, are singing in a rock band, or have a carrier into art, projects coordination, events,… And for all of them, the main motivation is being part of this incredible human adventure!

Agenda, rehearsals’ targets, global ideas of staging and discussion around the spirit of the play… The agenda of the meeting was dense and so is the work ahead of us!

After a lecture of the text, we left full of energy, impatient to meet the comedians so we could put real faces on the multiple ideas popping into our mind!

The team: Caroline Benarrous, Emmanuelle Bouaud, Anne-Sophie Brabant, Sylvie Dugenest, Emilie Demery, Florence Faucheur, Audrey Large, Cannelle Martinelli and Frédérique Saurat around Geneviève Flaven and Laetitia Cappoen.



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