Genevieve Flaven is a French woman, born in Paris in 1969… She usually wears glasses, dark hair and a big smile on her face.
Genevieve is an entrepreneur when she’s not busy writing. In France, she studied Economics and Business and founded a design agency in 2001. In 2010, she landed in China to expand her business.
Genevieve is a writer ever since she resolved herself to put on paper millions of stories and thoughts coming tumbling out her mind. Living in Shanghai reinforced her dedication to literature and led her to publication. She mainly writes poetic prose, theater plays as well as a blog.

Genevieve wrote the play in 2014…
… after a long poem she had been writing three years before, called Life and death of 99 ordinary women. By the end of 2014 she had already gathered around the project most of the talents needed to make it happen: photographer, choreographer, musicians, actress,…!

Geneviève, what make you believe so deeply in your project?
It is the spontaneous reaction of the actresses, artists and teammates that made me believe in this project. I realized that women could find in it the resources to act, experiment or simply have fun according to their current needs. The project was ambitious but remained open and accessible.

How did you convince all those women to participate?
I acted like a pimp. I stopped women on the streets and asked them straight out: “I wrote a rather special play. There are 99 women on stage. Do you want to participate?
Then, I gave my requirements, actually easy to complete: “you know how to talk and walk? “ In general, the lady said yes. And it was done.

How do you see the women in Shanghai?
Shanghai is a city of women. Chinese or foreigner, the women who live here are often dynamic and courageous. They do their own business and explore new possibilities without being paralyzed by social conformity. Gaining the freedom to grow as a human being following one’s own aspirations is for me the ultimate goal of feminism.

What kind of woman are you?
Today, I define myself more by what I do. “What I am” is an unfinished fiction. For instance, preparing the shows of the 99 women together with a great team is one thing that holds me now.

Past works & books:
Les Soeurs Canicule – “The Heatwave Sisters” published in limited edition in 2009.
Suzanna Rizzi published in limited edition in 2010
The play received the first Price of the Theater festival in Cannes, France (NIACA 2010)
99 women (2015) Poetry and texts
Couleur du Roi – “King’s color” published in limited edition in 2011
Linceuls – “Shrouds” published in limited edition in 2012
Shanghai Zen, published in Les Xerographes in 2014
A collection of short texts in French and English about Shanghai illustrated by drawings by Evgeny Bondarenko.
Haiky4you, published on the French literature online website in September 2014, 50 haikus about Shanghai’s summer.
The price of the ride, 3 seasons of taxi, published in the literature magazine La Revue du Portrait in October 2014.
Shanghai confidential: a weekly chronicle in French