Jing Jing, Jessie from her English name, is one of the 14 actresses of the second movement of the play: Presence.
Chinese girl from Liao Ning, she introduced herself as an active creature that gets her inspiration from every little thing in life and nature.
Creative, Jessy is a drum, theater as well as dance enthusiast! She indeed collaborated in artistic creations for cultural and art festivals.
Sensitive to the powerful femininity coming from all the stories of 99 women, Jessy joined the team as an actress. She relates with a great enthusiasm her first rehearsal:

I was so excited to have our first rehearsal! This whole project is really different from the ones I used to participate in. I was especially curious to see what will occur from the dynamic of a group with such a diversity in artistic backgrounds and nationalities. What will happen, what kind of reaction?
We did several interesting exercises and I enjoyed more than everything the exploration of the characters’ play. We read the text – different stories from all kind of women – with various feelings and emotions. We all shared energy and ideas and that inspired me to feel deeply the sensitivities of those women we will play.
For the last exercise, we had to do a stage entrance and introduce ourselves. Each girl produced different feelings, such as nervous, sexy, confident, or shy… However all showed something from their true identity. At that moment, it was not only about experimenting oneself different feelings, but also about conveying emotions to the public.

In short, this first rehearsal was a meaningful experience. How to be a woman is an ever-fashion subject. And I truly appreciate the whole project for exploring that endless question.

Jin Jing Jing

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