Olga Merekina is one of the 14 actresses of the third movement of the play: Dissonance.
Russian girl from Vladivostok, she came to China in 2004 to study Chinese. Since then, she has been living here, moving back and forth between Shanghai and Hangzhou. With the background of Chinese studies and contemporary art, she is working on a few different projects, related to art or China, or both. One of these projects is a co-creative artistic collective called Illumin8tors.

Olga how did you hear about 99Women ?
This March I was glad to meet Geneviève Flaven at the LadyFest in Shanghai, while we both were preparing to get on stage with our performances. She told me about her 99Women project and asked if I would be interested to join it. I was interested, as well as two other members of Illumin8tors’ team, Estel Vilar and Steph D’Sibö.
To be honest, I was just deeply impressed by Geneviève and fascinated by an idea to meet more than ninety women, who are coming from all over the world, living in Shanghai, and who are ready to invest a plenty of their own time and efforts trying to answer a rather multidimensional question: how it is to be a woman?

Last Friday was your first official rehearsal; did it meet your expectations?
This first experience even exceeded my expectations. First, it was all well planned and organized (and it is precious when your time is valued). Second, my hopes to meet a few extraordinary people were definitely realized. Each girl I have met there has got her own character and may amaze you in her own way. Third, in spite of my dancing experience, there are different aspects of stage performance I have never developed enough skills for. One of them is projecting your voice on stage, for example.

Thus, you may not only get involved in a meaningful project and meet new people being on the same page with you, but also get to know yourself, your limits, and even learn some tools to go beyond them.

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