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We are 100 actresses: 39 French, 23 English, 38 Chinese-speaking women….

We managed to ensure good balance of French-Chinese relationships thanks to the support of the Alliance Française and Campus France that helped recruiting Chinese students.

I received very touching messages of young Chinese women who wanted to participate in the project…

“I am interested in perform, but I do not have any experience performing. I know my chosen opportunity is very slim and I never told my parent this thing, I guess they will not agree with me, but I decided to send a message to you”

“I am a girl come from Chinese Xinjiang. My name is Almira. I am a Uyghur (it’s a minority) and I study in Shanghai Customs College now. I am very interested in your play when I see the news on the Internet. But my English isn’t great, I have no confidence in myself. So I want to know more about this play. Thank you”.

“I’m a year three female student in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I saw the recruitment information of your drama 99 online and I’m interested in it. I’m also very interested in feminism. So I wonder if I could get this opportunity”.

How to become a woman?
“I’m 22 years old. It seems that I’m not qualified for the student role as I just graduated last year, but I am so interested in acting and wondering ‘how to become a woman’, I believe it will have a great effect on me if I got this chance to share my stories and being apart in this drama.”

20 nationalities are represented. The French and Chinese women represent the majority (80%) but we also have Belgian women, Italian, Russian, Colombian, Israeli, Mexican, Japanese, Spanish, Costa Rican, Macedonian, Bulgarian, American, English….

4 rehearsals already took place at the theater and others meetings have been organized by the coordinators. Rehearsals are energizing. Theater gives the opportunity to forget one’s image, relax the body and express new emotions. It makes you feel good. After rehearsals, the atmosphere is festive! Last time two actresses started an improvised singing tour in a bar next to the theater.

Curtain will raise in 5 months and few days..

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