Sharp and intense, Amy CHAN graduated from “The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts” in 1995 in choreography and dance performing arts.
Over the past 20 years, as an artist full of ambition, experimentally explored her creativity on fashion industry, performed and choreographed on international stages, Amy’s extraordinary background has successfully established her skills from a principal dancer and a recognized model to a high reputable choreographer becoming “The Show Director of Integrity in Asia”.

Amy will imagine the 2 original choreographies in the play. Precious moments creating pauses and links, gathering the women and their stories.

Amy, how did you hear about this project?
By Chance, I was visiting a gallery in Shanghai and eventually introduced to Genevieve, a woman and an artist full of characters. Since then….I know about this play and I am in.

What convinced you to participate?
I have spent the last 4 years in Shanghai working for an event consultant & management company as I was looking for something different. Theater plays is one of thing I will always wanted to do. Theater is a space for all to express things that we won’t apply on a daily practice in general.

What kind of woman are you ?
A woman in an armor with a velvet soul.

How do you see the women in Shanghai?
Well… The local women in Shanghai are so bright in their skins that I envy. Apart from that, I found most of them are competitive and domineering.


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