The first choreography of the play 99 Women is between Act 2 called Presence and Act 3 named Dissonance. Last Sunday, choreographer Amy Chan achieved the creation of this piece and facilitated a rehearsal with around 15 actresses and dancers.

On the hypnotic music of Do not Break My Love by Valentin Stip – Hiathaikm, the dance begins with a series of simple and slow movements. By successive touches, the dancers awaken the parts of their bodies: arms, chest, and belly. Then, the dance accelerates and dancers form a whirlwind – Amy says “Galaxy” – and their sensuality and emotions are being expressed more freely.

Amy creates the dance movement, tries, directs and corrects the dancers all at the same time; her creative experimentation disturbs a little the beginners. Some dancers are more experienced and dance solos. Amy perfectly captured the theme of the play, women diversity, and gave an interpretation that is both simple and sophisticated and reflects her great talent.

Genevieve Flaven


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