In the incredible yet exciting challenge to stage a play with 99 actresses, Genevieve FLAVEN, the author, and Laetitia CAPPOEN, the co-director, benefit from the help of 12 actresses’ coordinators: Caroline BENARROUS, Emmanuelle BOURAUD, Anne-Sophie BRABANT, Johanna CACCIARI, Sylvie DUGENEST, Emilie DEMERY, Florence FAUCHEUR, Nadège IFF, Audrey LARGE, Cannelle MARTINELLI, Frédérique SAURAT, Anne Claire VU.

Each of them, often as a duo, coordinates one of the 7 groups of actresses from the 7 acts of the play. Bringing together the actresses, creating group cohesion, helping them to practice the technical part of interpretation (voice strength, breathing, pronunciation) and to build their character. A human and creative mission, truly thrilling.

On Friday 19th of June, they attended the very first run-through of the play, holding their breath during « their » Act, and discovering the overall view. At the end, the level of excitement was high and you could hear from part to part: “And still, can you imagine it with the lights, costumes, live-music, dancers,..!”

Still 3 months to go, less than 99 days before 99women go on stage!

Sylvie Dugenest, one of the actresses’ coordinator tells us why she jumped into 99 women’s adventure.
Video: Marion Blein

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