The 99 women play is a platform for people to experiment new things. Daniel is Chinese, cameraman and usually shoots wedding parties. In October, he will film the 99 women shows.

I met Daniel because of Jason. Jason was working in the language school where I pretended to learn Chinese; Jason is 24 year old, an open-minded young man with great entrepreneur spirit. He founded a video agency called Chacha Studio. We became friends. This was in December. I invited him at my birthday party. He came along with a graceful young lady called Caroline –his “sister” as he called her. I immediately enrolled Caroline as one of the 99 actresses: she became Jiao.

A few months later, while I was looking for a video professional, Jason introduced me to Daniel, the co-founder of Chacha studio. We met on a rainy Sunday afternoon in the shabby dining room of a hotel on Siping road. Daniel showed me his works, mostly commercial videos of extravagant Chinese wedding parties. Despite of Jason’s enthusiasm, I felt discouraged and embarrassed, waiting polity the right moment to leave. Then, Daniel started to ask me questions about the play:

– “What it is about?

– 99 women.

– What do they do?

– They come on stage and tell a short episode on their life.

– Nothing else? Really?, he asked.

– Nothing else. This is theater”, I replied.

Daniel was intrigued. Theater was a mysterious concept for him. Perhaps, he figured out we were preparing a big show saturated with loud music, acrobatic performance and tons of light effects. He could not believe that 99 actresses will only speak their lines and leave. He could not believe that they won’t use any microphone to raise their voices.

The beauty of theater lies in its simplicity, I told him. After a short silence, he smiled and said: I want to do this.

The dream of Daniel is to record ordinary human lives. The 99 women play offers him an extraordinary opportunity to explore the ordinary.

Genevieve Flaven


Daniel, co-founder of Chacha studio.




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