99 women meet young professionals in Shanghai

On August 21st, I was invited to present the 99 women ambitious project to 200 members of the Shanghai Alumni community of French Grandes Ecoles and received a warm welcome.

Of course, business is business, these young and brilliant Chinese business professionals were particularly impressed by our list of prestigious supports (SEPHORA, MEI.COM, Cache-Cache,…) but they also value the cultural and social dimension of the project. While exchanging with them, I perceived their growing awareness that making money is an honorable goal but if it is not to enjoy art and culture and make this world a better place, then for what?

“99 women” supports the project “Rebuilding Beautiful Homes” by the association Grassroots community, in favor of Longchi women in Sichuan province (read more here).

“99 women” give the opportunity to actresses, dancers and all team members of all nationalities to express themselves and expand their palette of capabilities.

“99 women” is a manifesto for women empowerment.

Genevieve Flaven



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