Shaberi Ray, The Choreographer

Shaberi Ray, our choreographer, is a homoeopathy doctor. Her compelling passion in music and dance led her to get training from Prayag Sangit Samiti and Shaimak Davar and also choreograph events for 15 years and counting. Currently, she runs a music and dance school by the name Tan Tarangam, whose short journey of 10 years has already created 200 beautiful dancers and musicians.

How did you hear about this project?

I heard about the project from Sonali Kothari, a friend and collaborator in several performing arts’ events.

What convinced you to participate?

Having always risen up to all challenges, the uniqueness and volume of challenge contained in 99 Women was enough – I needed no convincing to participate. My hopes are high and I believe 99 Women to be an experience of a lifetime. The noble cause backing the play furthers my conviction.

What kind of a woman are you?

True to the nature of most artists, I am an intent observer and an explorer. The creativity of an artist coupled with the rationality of a fighter mixes in me for a beautiful balance.

How do you find the women in Pune?

Being extremely thoughtful by nature, I observe the women in Pune as progressive and modern, tied to the roots of their culture, yet breaking all traditional shackles. The women cult of Pune is now experimenting, opening to new ideas, changing and adapting in the process. Having picked up independence and strength from this journey, they are only excelling in every field.


  1. I would like to be one of the participants in your project. A retired Vice-Principal of APS Pune. Extremely fond of dance,drama and different types of music. Participated in many events right from child hood. A family friend of Maharana & Shaberi Ray. Found the project very exciting and interesting.

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