Neeti Pherwani, The Art Director

99 Women

Neeti Pherwani is a rebel. She also loves to create.  Always restless and looking for something new, she has learnt various dance forms, instruments and experiments with mixed media art forms . She has been involved with theatre ever since she can remember, and recently co-headed Moonbeam Factory Theatre in its trial trajectory.  She is currently working at a social enterprise, Coppre, in Pune, where she gets to try her hand in every department.

How did you hear about this project?

I was introduced to the project by Sonali Kothari, the director, who discovered my theatre work on Facebook. She got in touch with me through her friend’s daughter, who happens to be a schoolmate of mine. When Sonali called me up to introduce me to the concept , I loved it immediately.

What convinced you to participate?

The idea of 99 women on stage. It was enough to excite me. After reading the background and script I visualizedit to be very experimental and organic. It was going to be a challenge for me creatively to bring something to the audience that had not been done before. And I could not turn down an opportunity like that. The project magnetically attracted me to it.

What kind of woman are you?

A woman who doesn’t let her being to come in the way of evolving as a person. I am curious, bold, competitive and willing to push boundaries and learn everything under the sun, regardless of the gender that dominates the field. I rebel against the rules, the norms and systems. And while all of this is very true, I don’t take myself too seriously.

How do you see the women in Pune?

Women in Pune are much like the city itself. They’re ambitious, evolving and at the same time fun, relaxed, and self aware. They’re beautiful people and independent. Like the city that was once the small sister of a metropolitan and has now found its niche, the women here are every bit proud of their achievements and leave their own mark wherever they go.

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