Vartika Gupta, Production Manager

Vartika Gupta is a psychologist and arts-based practitioner adorning her hat. Creativity flows through her system taking the form of visual arts, music, dance, drama, stories, drum circles and subtle energy, flowing in her therapy sessions with both children and adults. Phew! Yet, she just begins there.
Vartika also works with those who are chemically afflicted. Project coordinator at a de-addiction and rehabilitation centre, Aark Foundation, founder of Protsahan India Foundation, Pune chapter, a Delhi-based non-profit, youth-led international organisation working with children at risk and founder of Machhli, an art space offering art-based therapeutic and non-therapeutic sessions, Vartika magically manages to find for all – in the same day of 24 hours!

How did you hear about this project?

I heard about this project from Sonali Kothari, Project Director 99Women. Apart from a great friendship, we also share a wonderful partnership for countless rejoice and renewal workshops aimed at  women and I-Lead workshops for children, as a part of the services provided by her organisation, Innishari.

What convinced you to participate?

99 women, one stage, voicing 99 stories…I was sold at just that! The tug of the storyteller and theatre lover inside me was enough to pull me all in. I believe the challenges in bringing together 99 women and reaching the destination while passing stations for training, sensitizing, empowering and renewing fuels me with energy to complete this beautiful journey with the utmost zeal.

What kind of woman are you?

I’m a dreamer who lives to make my dreams reality. My thoughts are my own and I’ve used them as bricks to build myself. Yet, I’m grateful to the energies around me, hidden in nature and sentient beings for constantly shaping me to make me who I am today. I believe I’m an explorer, learning and discovering everything life unfolds for me. When I look in the mirror, I see a rebel on the lookout for the next challenge, an open-minded, happy strong, self-aware, easy, enthusiastic and observant soul smiling back at me.

How do you see the women in Pune?

Women in Pune are a ball of energy, enthusiasm, happiness and fun all rolled into one. Explorers and experimentators, they know how to shed the shell and cross the boundaries marked for them. Women here have aligned their energies with that of the city to create a delightful balance of traditional ideas and modern presence.


  1. Great work Vartika….Happy to see the same enthusiastic, cheerful , the dreamer VARTIKA you use to be in school… best wishes….

  2. Fantastic job Vartika…Way to go.
    U seem to be getting much closer to all ur dreams and ambitions…
    Go catch them…U r almost there!!! All the very best

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