Creativity, Theater, Collaboration, Generosity: the 99 women take action!

Creativity, theater, collaboration, generosity – this is the philosophy of 99 women project in Pune!

You can help the ambitious theatrical project of the 99 women in Pune, India and beyond the 99 women actresses support a larger community of Indian women: all the benefits of the shows will be donated to a local program ‘SWAWLAMBAN’ (English: Self-Supporting) led by Chaitanya Mahila Mandal of Pune. Their Vision is, ‘Upliftment of Society through Women and Children‘ and their Mission is ‘Integral development of women in achieving their due status in a secure environment’.

Listen to Sonali Kothari, the project director presenting the 99 women adventure: 99 women on Youtube

Support the 99 women along their amazing journey: 99 women crowdfunding

Every bit counts.




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