Amrita Tilve, Coordinator – Act 7

Amrita Tilve, 99 Women Pune

Amrita has always been drawn to making things beautiful. First interior designing helped her fulfil her urge, and now this responsibility is borne by cosmetology.

How did you hear about this project?

I heard about this wonderful endeavour from a friend.

What convinced you to participate?

Although I was extremely excited on hearing about this project, I had my own doubts about actually being a part of it. I believed in the idea, lacking in confidence in myself and my capabilities. I did take the plunge nevertheless, to simply witness a group of women with no prior experience, coming together to execute this magic! I’m truly surprised at this never seen before side of mine!

What kind of woman are you?

Cleanliness, organisation and discipline are the three core values I’m made up of. I’m a person who devotes 100% to everything I take up. I stand on strong foundations, however, I sometimes need that push of motivation to remember the knowledge I possess.

How do you see the women in Pune?

Trapped in the web of daily chores, women in Pune have still equipped themselves with education, smartness and confidence. Ask me, I’ll say that women in Pune just need to openly express themselves with their feelings and opinions, truly applying their knowledge, cutting the strings which hold them back.

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