Meghana Desai, Coordinator – Act 7

Meghana Desai holds a PGDM in Finance and Marketing, with a B.E. in Electronics. She has been meaningfully engaging herself with the development sector for the past seven years. She currently works with a non-profit in Pune in the space of school education.

How did you hear about this project?

I heard about  it from Sonali Kothari, the director of the play.

What convinced you to participate?

The central idea of the play and its experimental form seemed to intrigue me. My personal interest in plays and the urge to explore new styles of plays fuelled my decision to be a part of this. That apart, the fact that Sonali, a dear friend  whom I have known for several years now, was bringing it to India was a comforting thought by itself and I am extremely confident of her maturity to handle such a play with its ensemble casting.

What kind of woman are you?

I love to challenge and surprise myself. Monotony bores me to death. I  like to find meaning in whatever I do. Various forms of creative expressions delight me and urge me to try my hands on them. I look at life as a portrait with layers of different colours and strokes enriching it, yet never ceasing to baffle me. Learning from and learning with every mistake I make, I don’t  really care much for conventions and norms. It is a struggle to be absolutely true to myself but I love that struggle. I respect innocence, compassion, empathy and straight-faced humour (which doesn’t hurt anybody)!

How do you see the women in Pune?

The women in Pune are confident, love to assert their individuality and have an opinion on almost everything under the sun. They strive hard to achieve that perfect work-life balance and can slide into multiple roles that are equally demanding, all at the same time. They are self aware and are open to grabbing various opportunities that come their way to soak in diverse life experiences, with age no bar.

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