Prabha V, Coordinator – Act 5

Initially, in what can be called a different avatar, Prabha was a college teacher of Mathematics. She indulged in theatre by writing and directing plays. Currently, Prabha’s time is occupied by teaching spoken English, along with writing and directing plays. If nothing, she can be found doing story-telling sessions at the Chai Cafe.

In the past, Prabha has also made time to volunteer at an NGO working with underprivileged children.

 How did you hear about this project? 

A friend told me about this project.

What convinced you to participate?

I fell in love with the idea backing 99 Women and was all in, without any coaxing or convincing!

What kind of woman are you?

I describe myself as a restless soul, continuing evolving, who refuses to hang my boots even after ‘official’ retirement. To survive, I devour new ideas and projects which make me feel alive! My mantra is better busy than bored, along with better 5 hours early than 3 minutes late. I believe that practice is the only road to perfection.

How do you see the women in Pune?

I visualise my fellow women in Pune as modern-day warrior queens. The crowded, crazy roads are their warfields, the two-wheelers their elephants and horses and the scarves their armours! Women here are busy, being devoted mothers, great wives and committed professionals. They are able to preserve the innate empathy in their hearts, while breaking all barriers to achieve their goals.


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