Aishwarya Chordiya, Blog editor

Aishwarya is a recent graduate in Economics from the Symbiosis School of Economics. The inner student inside her coupled with  a constant curiosity about the world, led her to pursue an additional diploma in liberal arts. Having always been fascinated by words and the message they hid within, Aishwarya went on to study German and Spanish.

A restless soul by nature, Aishwarya has worked, interned and volunteered at various places from corporate business consultancy firms, event management and human resource agencies to various NGOs around the city.

When not talking or contemplating, Aishwarya spends her time appreciating good food and coffee!

How did you hear about this project?

I heard about this endeavour from Sonali, the director of 99 Women, through a mail sent on a google group I’m subscribed too.

What convinced you to participate?

99 women, 99 stories, 1 stage. Honestly, this is all I needed. How does one refuse a ticket to a life-changing journey, along with the process of living experimental pieces, being accompanied all the way by 99 amazing women?!

What kind of a woman are you?

I feel I’m on the road to de-layering all the facets of womanhood. I live for experiences. Experiences which help me complete my answer to the ever-haunting question of what does it mean to be a woman. Especially in today’s times.

Probably it was rebellion or just my nature, I happen to be highly opinionated. Being a student of Economics and liberal arts helps me hear the many subdued voices, along with those apparent in all stories I come across.

As a woman, I identify with being a wanderer, on the lookout for the next step to feed my free spirit.

How do you see the women in Pune?

Women in Pune are unlike their counterparts elsewhere. We’re a different tribe. Every woman here has her own rhythm, identity and a unique personality and yet manages to take those who matter along. Puneri woman are each a feather, walking together to create a rainbow of possibilities!

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