Kumud Johry, Coordinator – Act 2

Kumud Johry recently retired as a senior teacher of DAV Public School, Aundh. Her unfading passion for acting led her to play a character artist in 5 films and 3 serials and still counting!

How did you hear about this project?

My daughter, Pragya, is a friend of Sonali and told me about this initiative.

What convinced you to participate?

The moment I went through the Facebook page of 99 Women, I was hooked to its concept. Plus I love acting, so it seemed like a win-win! This project would also allow me highlight women characters, something I’ve always longed to do.

What kind of a woman are you?

I believe I’m a progressive woman who has a dynamic personality. I wish to contribute to the overall development of the women of Indian society.

How do you find the women in Pune?

Pune has a mix of all kinds of women, from high-profilers to housewives. Most of these homemakers hold within them immense potential, but lack opportunity.


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