Gauri Khandekar, Coordinator – Act 6

Gauri was brought to this beautiful city when she was in her 10th standard, due to her father’s job change. Her entire family, including her parents and siblings fell in love with Pune and have continued to be here ever since. Gauri has completed her graduation in computers, after which she was immediately married. She was gifted with a baby just in time to celebrate her first marriage anniversary. A year and a half later, Gauri, driven purely by desire, took up a demanding and hectic short-term computer course and landed with her first IT job in a small startup. After which, over the years, she has worked with IT MNCs including Symantec and IBM. A few years back, Gauri went on to fulfill a long held dream of being able to call herself a postgraduate by completing a part-time MBA in Finance. The fascinating world of Finance pulled her towards it and she fell in love with Investment Banking. At the moment, Gauri is an AVP in Credit Suisse, a leading global investment bank.

How did you hear about this project?

I heard about 99 Women from Smita Kelkar, an old colleague, but a constant good friend.

What convinced you to participate?

I enjoy learning new things. I had never pursued drama since school and wished to explore what it actually entails. The fact that there would be workshops and trainings was both comforting and encouraging. Plus, the idea of 99 women, together, multiplied my curiosity and I just had to participate.

What kind of a woman are you?

The three qualities that describe me are sensitivity, being accommodating and understanding. I strive to squeeze everything on my plate in the given available time. Trying to do justice to the many roles I take up, sometimes fighting with my will, I do get frustrated. As a person, I thrive not on food, but appreciation. The more I receive appreciation, the harder I work. Reading is one of my true loves and my other hobbies include collecting poems and quotes!

How do you see the women in Pune?

Women in Pune are a deadly combo of good looks, intelligence and smartness. I find them to be modern, opinionated and independent, and yet staying close to their cultural roots. It amazes me how they manage to work, hop around places dropping their children for various classes and ensure that their children know Ram raksha, pasaydan and ganpati strotra!




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