Sneha Sahajwani, Coordinator – Act 4

Sneha Sahajwani is a voice-over artist and a teacher at the blind school (Hon). She’s a proud mother of two children, daughter Henika, 23 years, pursuing MS at New York University and son Rahul, 19 years, studying SY B.Com while working in an Event Management Company. Sneha is married to Ravi, a BE mechanical fellow, owning an engineering business.

How did you hear about this project?

I heard about this project from a friend and participant of 99 Women.

What convinced you to participate?

I’m a people person, and thought it would be exciting to associate and work with women from different walks of life.

What kind of a woman are you?

I’m a strong yet caring woman, always ready to help anyone in need.

How do you find women in Pune?

According to me, women in Pune are multi-faceted, focused and self-motivated!



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