A theater play written and directed by Geneviève FLAVEN in Chinese, English and French.

On October 9, 10 and 11th 2015, the Children’s Art Theatre of China Welfare has host the dazzling theatrical creation, of Geneviève Flaven: a project combining theater, choreography, music and photography with 99 actresses. This is 99 women!

99 women on stage, 99 singular stories

99 fragments of lives, funny, tragic, ordinary, remarkable…
They are Chinese, French, Iranian, African, Italian…
They are ten years old and they have been living for decades.
They are creating and searching, they give up and they rebel, they polish shoes and smoke cigars.
They are wise, frivolous, hostile, unpredictable, broken, passionate…
These 99 reveal the diverse and unique responses to the persisting question: how to be a woman?

On stage, women walk, bump into each other and join in a scenography made of colors and movements. The text leads us from the shadows of a Parisian apartment to the light of Algeria; we travel with them on a road in Yunnan’s and we follow them in the heart of Sarajevo’s siege… Music and dance – original compositions by Jordan Kostov, Mindy Ruskovich and Amy Chan – create pauses and links, gathering the women and their stories.

A theatrical adventure!

In 2011, Geneviève Flaven wrote a long poem called Life and death of 99 ordinary women. In October 2014, she decided these women still needed to grow and express. And so the poem transformed into a play… and much more than that!

99 is a whole project that combines different art disciplines: theater, choreography, music and photography. It is a collective journey for more than a hundred of women, Chinese or foreign from 18 nationalities, living and working in Shanghai, who connect, collaborate and give their talents to every aspect of the project.

In addition to this, the project supports women and all the benefits of the shows will be given to a social project related to women in China.

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